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Design & Construct Occupational Health and Safety Division 

At Design & Construct we promote the highest practicable standard of occupational health, safety and wellness within Australia; whilst supporting positive culture and facilitating compliance with legislation and standards.
Australian workplaces and business leaders alike, realise the importance of creating safe working environments that have a positive impact on the physical, mental & cultural wellbeing of their workers. Finding the balance between performance and people is a continuous struggle for most businesses. Adhering to strict codes of working practice across health, safety and wellbeing. The good news is that this can be successfully carried out by collaborating with employees and creating a policy of engagement which embraces progressive culture. 
Design & Construct are able to provide support and act as trusted advisers, to Australian businesses and organisations, assisting them with health, safety and wellbeing strategies. We do this by providing a clear understanding of the latest government reforms, and current market trend analysis, to help you understand the challenges your industry faces today.

How we can help you

Our success is based on operating a model built on a culture of high performance; we achieve this by engaging with our clients and encouraging them to create and share their values and company mission. Introducing a policy of consistent management practices, will foster workers to embrace positive behaviour, which in turn will help you to achieve commitment, enthusiasm and employee work consistency.

Create unity of purpose

Design & Construct have a clear understanding of the challenges you will face in identifying and understanding the current industry & market conditions. We understand how these forces can have an impact on business performance, which is why we promote the importance of creating a culture with a continuous improvement attitude. To develop talent and embrace unity of purpose you must engage with employees and provide opportunities for advancement, whilst rewarding consistency and performance.

We are industry leaders and specialists within your market

Design & Construct can assist you in discovering the formula your company needs in developing occupational health policy and company culture. Our focus is being an intelligent recruiter, coupled with a strong emphasis on team work. There is a real focus on building trusting relationships, we love our work and everyone is a valued member of the team. Our consultant training and staff development are considered industry leading and we consistently offer rewards for performance and loyalty. 
As a company, we are not afraid to be different, we encourage positive behaviour, trust each other and support what we practice. We are organised and committed to providing excellent service, which is only possible when your team is happy and sees a future in what they do. Clients come back to us time and time again for their recruitment solutions, because they believe in our commitment and drive to deliver their recruitment needs.  

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