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Design & Construct has created a comprehensive salary survey for people working in the building, construction, engineering and architecture industries throughout Australia.

View the results of the salary survey here

Our survey reveals strong market conditions throughout most of Australia. Demand for senior managers and professionals continues to surge in construction, civil engineering and architecture thanks to a steady growth in the property, civil infrastructure and construction sectors.

Building, construction and architecture have also experienced solid employment growth over the past five years with almost 150,000 new jobs created. They currently employ about 845,000 people combined and expect employment growth to continue over the next five years, albeit at a slower rate.

In most states, civil and structural engineering professionals are in high demand, thanks largely to state government infrastructure upgrades and strong private sector transport investment.

Demand means higher salaries

This high demand for labour has meant good news for experienced candidates, with remuneration packages rising an additional 10% - 15% across most sectors in the past 12 months.

And, with the shortage of experienced candidates in the market, many companies have had to recruit nationally and internationally to fill some roles. So it is not uncommon for an experienced candidate to receive multiple offers of employment and counter-offers from their existing employers.

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